New Token on LATOKEN: Tokyo AU (TOKAU)

LATOKEN, a leading market for new digital assets and a growing multi-million community dedicated to growing crypto users to a billion, has announced the listing of the Tokyo AU (TOKAU) token. According to the vision of the creators of TOKAU token: “The distance between you and your idol in your dream is only one NFT!” and a lot of crypto enthusiasts and NFT lovers cannot agree with this statement. 

Back in February, non-fungible tokens began to revolutionize the world of art, and the Tokyo token seems to be something exceptional.

Tokyo AU (TOKAU) token is an excellent attempt of blockchain ecology in the field of NFT games and an industrial revolution for stars to break through industry barriers.

We would also like to remind you what NFT tokens are. A non-fungible token is a completely unique digital artwork that can be verified using blockchain technology. The word “fungible” means replaceable or interchangeable. So, non-fungible tokens are not identical to any other token in the world — they are 100% original and unique.

More about Tokyo AU (TOKAU) 

TOKAU aims to provide users with exclusive IP culture. TOKAU token is an NFT network of celebrities and fans. A platform that uses NFT as a medium to interact and connect with stars and fans, including NFT sales, movie and TV announcements, traditional memorials, new song sales, fan support, and celebrity entourage.

TOKAU aims to work with leading NFT trading platforms, DEX platforms, smart ecological chains, and other strategic partners to co-create a new ecology of the blockchain fan economy. You can find more relevant information on the project’s website.

So now you can start trading TOKAU on the LATOKEN exchange!



LATOKEN is a leading market for new digital assets and a growing multi-million community dedicated to growing crypto users to a billion. LATOKEN mobile exchange  is a fastest growing category in 1Q2021 according to Google Play with close to 1 million installs and 4.2  user rating. LATOKEN is planning to launch its own NFT Marketplace. Our slogan is “Next Bitcoin starts on LATOKEN.”

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