Pitch Your Startup To Investors On VCTV.

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Attend an online panel with investors focused on your industry and introduce your business idea to them. Get the best feedback you can wish for and contacts that may turn into investors for your own company. To get started, choose an investor and prepare your pitch! Pitching on VCTV costs only €200, make sure to book your investor before somebody else does.
Sergei Filippov

Managing Partner, Investments at Morphosis Capital Partners

1x investments in DocProcess...

Louis Velazquez

Managing Partner at FGA Partners; Megahoot

Irina Litchfield

Founding Advisor at ABE Global

4x investments in Square, Elemeno Health, PittMoss, NanoVMs...

2x investments in Corporate M&A, Schweizer Principal Investments...

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DDOS Protection

Advanced distributed system architecture built to protect against DDoS to ensure that trading cannot be halted by outside attacks

2FA Verification

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is required for actions such as withdrawals or changes in account settings


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