LATOKEN Partnership with BAND

LATOKEN VCTV: Partnership with BAND, NFTs and Giveaways

LATOKEN is finally launching its very first NFT partnership on the 27th of May with BAND Royalty NFT. At 10:30 AM UTC, during the new LATOKEN Investment and Insights pilot episode, the winner of the BAND NFT worth 1 ETH will be announced live.

We’re truly excited to have our first NFT partner, BAND Royalty!

What is BAND Royalty?

Earning royalty fees with NFTs is a sweet reality of the new blockchain technology-filled world.

BAND Royalty is a company behind an NFT technology that allows you to get positive vibes from listening to world-famous musicians and earn income whenever some of their most popular songs in the world are played by others. That’s really sweet!

The music catalog that allows you to profit using BAND Royalty NFTs includes the songs of great artists such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, and many others.

LATOKEN and BAND Royalty plan for extra sweetness

BAND Royalty is thrilled to be opening their NFT set on our brand new LATOKEN NFT marketplace, and we’ll share their excitement! The luckiest contestants have a real chance to win one of their 3000 limited-edition music royalty NFTs and 1 ETH. Intrigued enough? Because we are!,

The winners will be announced live on the 27th of May at 10:30AM UTC on LATOKEN VCTV . Winners are to claim their price in 24 hours after the draw.