The origin of crypto and why do you need LA token?

Many people already know that the history of crypto started with the most expensive crypto coin today — Bitcoin. On October 31st, mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto published an article named “Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system” about his decision to fiat currency problems. The article contains the following advantages:

🔸 No double-spending due to peer-to-peer system

🔸 No third trusted parties

🔸 Anonymity of participants

🔸 New coins are created according to proof-of-work, which supports the network from double-spending

As you can see the main breakpoints were about freedom and cost reduction, which have brought bitcoin over gold, stocks, gas, and oil. 2 months after the article was published, on the 3rd January 2009, Satoshi generated the first block in the blockchain system. That’s where the crypto started.

Familiar words right? That’s exactly which revolutionary solutions LA token brings to the crypto world, erasing borders between blockchains: 

🟣 LA as a key to blockchain multiverse, opening gateway to any chain 

🟣 Pay transactions on multiple chains with a single gas token 

🟣 Maximize yield across various chains with omnichain yield market in 2 clicks

🟣 Unified liquidity, allowing not to fragment liquidity pools across chains and keep it in a single place while having access to any chain

And just as bitcoin started, LA tokens are starting with only the most advanced crypto enthusiasts, who understand crypto’s real value and fundamentals.

But why do you need LA? 💰

LA simplifies all your experience with crypto, saves your time and nerves on transactions across chains, and opens an opportunity for multichain yield farming from a single chain:

🔹LA is a native token of the revolutionary LACHAIN blockchain which keeps growing and implementing new outstanding functions for the crypto market.

🔹LA is a gas and staking base currency for the first multichain yield market in the history of crypto.

🔹 LA gives a path to the biggest APY for staking across chains. Opportunities with up to 1500% of annual percentage yield become available in 2 clicks with LA.

🔹Explore earning opportunities across chains and don’t spend your money and time on cross-chain transactions with the first-ever omnichain LA token: $50 worth of LA allows you to pay for up to 1000 transactions on any chain for a few seconds!

🔹The potential of LA as a very promising and point-breaking coin in crypto is immeasurable! Will the price follow? 👀

Join LA adventure to the top of the mountain now!

Buy LA and don’t miss an opportunity to put yourself in history 👉


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