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Which GameFi Tokens Deserve Attention. LATOKEN Review

Some GameFi tokens definitely deserve our attention as the gamification of the cryptocurrency market is alive and kicking! 

We have already written in our LATOKEN reviews that we do not give any investment advice, and that you should always remember that when you deal with crypto, you should do your own research before buying any token… But now we just can’t be silent, and for a good reason!

In today’s LATOKEN review, we want to talk about GameFi tokens that might have prospects for further growth. Even though no one can be sure when dealing with crypto, some GameFi tokens have already been able to prove that they deserve at least our attention.

Long-term upward trend?

When choosing a project from the GameFi sphere, you should first pay attention to the marketing strategy and the popularity of the project. It is also worth paying attention to the technical component. Considering the largest and most promising projects, these are definitely Axie Infinity and Alien Worlds.

Axie Infinity is the most popular NFT game on the crypto market. Game tokens are presented on the largest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, making it easier for many players to access them.

The SLP token is used for in-game mechanics, while AXS is the control token. The first one is interesting due to the dependence on the number of active and new players (the price is influenced by the balance of supply and demand). The second token is an analog of the company’s tokenized shares. Their growth is associated with the investors’ faith in the future of the project.


The SLP token is on a steady plateau and is likely to continue generating interest in the future, while AXS is confidently gaining capitalization.


Alien Worlds is the fastest-growing blockchain game. The project is distinguished by its size and ease of entry — you don’t need to pay anything to start playing. You only need to create a WAX wallet.

The TLM game token is also available on all major exchanges, including the LATOKEN crypto exchange. Now the token is trading much lower than the starting price. However, in the future, due to the project’s development, a gradual increase in adoption is possible according to the scenario of other well-known projects.


In any case, when choosing a project, you should definitely make sure whether the internal game tokens are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. These should be international well-known crypto exchanges, such as LATOKEN. It greatly simplifies access to the project, due to which high liquidity is achieved.

Is success obvious or not? LATOKEN review

The GameFi and Metaverse sectors are currently developing very actively and dynamically. You can track the dynamics of top and new projects on Coinmarketcap. Axie Infinity, SAND, Decentraland are already strong, well-established projects. They can be called the leaders of the sector.

What else is worth paying attention to? Look at the number of users and the number of active users. According to these indicators, the collectible game Axie Infinity and the metaverse with the possibility of mining Alien Worlds stand out from the crowd now. However, since we are talking about NFT games, making predictions beyond 8-10 weeks is very difficult. It is a very young niche, and anything can happen at any moment.

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