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The Holder Withdrew the Bitcoins that Had Risen in Price by 3600 Times

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What was tweeted by Whale Alert?

The owner of 616 bitcoins ($29.4 million at the time of the transaction) withdrew the cryptocurrency from his wallet, paying only $0.48 in commission.

On September 19, a transaction was recorded when the holder withdrew more than 616 bitcoins from his wallet that had been stored since 2012. According to the “Blockchair” service, nine years ago, the wallet owner bought the cryptocurrency for a total of $8.1 thousand (about $13 per coin). At the time of the transaction, the Bitcoin price stored for nine years exceeded $29.5 million (an increase of almost 3600 times). The transaction fee was $0.48.

On July 13, bitcoins came into motion, which had been at the same address for more than nine years. With the help of two transactions, 740 bitcoins were transferred, stored in one wallet since May 2012. Almost ten years ago, the cost of these coins was $3.7 thousand ($5 per BTC), and at the time of the transaction — $26.1 million. Over nine years, the value of digital coins has increased 7 thousand times.

In September 20, the Bitcoin price  dropped to $ 42.5 thousand for the first time since August 5. The world’s first cryptocurrency is traded at $ 43.8 thousand. Over the past day, the Bitcoin price has fallen by 8%.

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