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Interesting Metaverse Tokens. Theta Network, Gaia Everworld, and Star Atlas. LATOKEN Review

The universe of the Metaverse (with different Metaverse tokens) is in full swing and booming! In today’s LATOKEN review, let’s take a look at some exciting projects — Theta Network (THETA), Gaia Everworld (GAIA), and Star Atlas (ATLAS). Will these projects be able to show rapid growth in the short term? Quite possible! Read more in our LATOKEN review.

Theta Network

As the popularity of the metaverse sector grows, so might the price of the Theta Network token. Thus, this project is a serious infrastructure for the realization of the Metaverse.

On November 22, the Theta Network token was trading at $6.6. Over the month, cryptocurrency has fallen in price by 1%.

Theta Network is a blockchain-powered decentralized video streaming network. Theta allows users to watch video content and receive token rewards.


Gaia Everworld

The popularity of the fantasy game Gaia Everworld is growing every day. This project has every chance to become one of the leading game projects. Gaia Everworld is supported by other well-known organizations such as Polygon, AU21 Capital, Bullperks, EnjinStarter, etc.

On November 22, the Gaia Everworld token was trading at $1.1. In two weeks, the altcoin price has increased by 73%.

Gaia Everworld is a fantasy blockchain game where you create your own kingdoms and fight for supremacy with other players.

Star Atlas

The number of players in the Star Atlas project continues to grow rapidly. Recently, the number of participants in the Star Atlas Discord server has exceeded 100 thousand. This can be called an outstanding achievement for such a young project.

On November 22, the Star Atlas token price was $0.16. Over the month, the cost of altcoin has grown by 88%.

Star Atlas is a metaverse based on the Solana blockchain and the Unreal Engine 5. The internal ATLAS token is used in the Metaverse as a currency for buying and selling NFT tokens.

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