Peer to Peer payments

LATOKEN launches of Peer to Peer payments platform in emerging markets

LATOKEN is one of the first crypto exchanges to launch peer to peer payments in emerging countries. LATOKEN offers many crypto products for traders, including IEOs and trading of new tokens, staking and more. The exchange has many top tokens to trade like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, and more. LATOKEN is an innovative crypto exchange that is changing the way finance and payments are done. To propel its vision for the future, LATOKEN has launched peer to peer payments in Nigeria and plans to further launch in other emerging countries. 

Peer to Peer payments 

Peer to Peer payments is a huge opportunity to facilitate transactions both locally and globally. LATOKEN has created new means to conduct commerce by giving the power to the individuals and providing them with financial freedom. LATOKEN facilitates peer-to-peer trading between vetted and approved vendors and traders. Using local currency traders can buy USDT, BTC, and ETH. 

Peer to Peer payments in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the largest markets for cryptocurrency trading. Many Nigerians are aware of bitcoin and cryptocurrency and actively trading. Nigeria is ranked third place generating more than $400 million worth of trading transactions. Given the economic and political climate, Nigerians are seeking alternatives to traditional finance.

Bitcoin and crypto currencies offer Nigerians an opportunity to trade with the global market. Nigerians are unable to use traditional banks due to high fees and costs to maintain accounts. The peer to peer payments offers Nigerians great flexibility and freedom to transact any time with low transaction fees. They also have more control over their funds.

The peer to peer LATOKEN app will facilitate transactions between local vendors and traders in their local currency. Local vendors vetted and approved by LATOKEN can post rates for transactions, allowing the trader to buy crypto locally in local currency, Naira. LATOKEN is providing a safe and secure platform for Nigerians. Two users can transact without intermediaries. LATOKEN’s peer to peer marketplace will enable these transactions and develop a new economy. Cryptocurrency is growing in the country and will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years. LATOKEN’s peer to peer payments platform will be part of that growth.  

How to trade crypto on Latoken P2P

You must first create an account on Latoken, complete tier 2 KYC and set up 2FA before you can conduct your first transaction on Latoken P2P. 

The P2P sellers on Latoken are subjected to a screening procedure that includes identity verification. Latoken also offers a secure layer of protection for your transactions by validating all Latoken P2P users.

It simply takes a few clicks to make your first transaction after the verification procedure. Here’s how you can do it:

Buying Cryptocurrency On Latoken P2P

Step 1 

Login to your Latoken account and navigate to the Latoken P2P page. If you do not have a Latoken account, click on “Register” and follow the procedure. 

Step 2 

On the signup screen, enter your email address and create a password. Click “Register”.

Step 3 

Complete Tier 2 KYC and set up 2FA

Step 4

Select  “P2P’’ located in the menu bar.

Step 5 

Click the ‘Buy’ button located right next to the cryptocurrency you want to buy. After filtering the amount, currency and “Payment method” in the drop-down, choose an offer and press the “Buy” button.

Step 6 

Add a fiat currency amount or total quantity in cryptocurrency that you want to buy, and click “Buy”.

Step 7 

Verify the payment method and total price. You will have to make the payment within a specific timeframe given by the exchange. After making the payment, click on “I Transferred, next,” and select “Confirm.”

Step 8 

After the seller releases the crypto asset, the transaction is concluded. If you haven’t received your crypto asset within 15 minutes of selecting “I Transferred, next,” you may click “Appeal,” and an agent from customer support will help you complete your transaction.

New Markets

LATOKEN P2P Payments is also launching in other growing markets, like India and Bangladesh. Both countries will benefit from LATOKEN’s infrastructure, technology and network. LATOKEN has a safe and robust platform that enables users to interact safely and securely. Interest in cryptocurrencies has been growing in both countries and is an opportunity for growth. Users are able to buy and sell and transact with cryptocurrency using local vendors.  These countries and communities have limited access to banking services and traditional financing. The LATOKEN P2P payments application will empower these communities and help them achieve financial freedom. 


Peer to Peer payments will continue to grow in emerging markets and allow individuals opportunities to utilize cryptocurrencies instead of traditional banking services. The features and tools provided by LATOKEN’s application will continue to improve with technology and innovation. 

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