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Binance Crypto Exchange Suspends DOGE Withdrawals

Binance crypto exchange has suspended DOGE withdrawals temporarily. There is an issue with DOGE network withdrawals on Binance after performing an upgrade, according to Binance. As a result, Binance has decided to suspend withdrawals for DOGE until the problem is resolved. Binance is working with the DOGE team to resolve the upgrade network issues. 

Users affected by DOGE suspended withdrawals 

Users are unable to make withdrawals on Binance and are uncertain when it will be back online and available for trading. Binance is asking its users to return DOGE to the exchange or else their withdrawal function on the exchange will stay deactivated. The same users claim they do not have the DOGE in their account to be able to return the coins. This is frustrating many Binance users. 

Binance and DOGE developers are currently working to resolve these issues. 

By the way, you can always transact DOGE on LATOKEN without any restrictions!


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