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Apple CEO Announced Investment in Cryptocurrency

Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that it is reasonable to own Bitcoin and Ethereum to diversify investments.

Tim Cook said at the DealBook conference that he owns cryptocurrency, CNBC reports. According to Cook, it is wise to have investments in Bitcoin and Ethereum to diversify your investment portfolio. However, Cook did not specify the volume of investments and what specific assets the money was invested in.

Apple CEO also said that he had been interested in the cryptocurrency market for some time and studied the digital assets industry. Cook noted that this is his personal position and that Apple has no plans to use cryptocurrencies for now. Tim Cook also said he doesn’t think people are interested in Apple and buy their shares to gain access to cryptocurrency.

Earlier, the head of Apple has already spoken about cryptocurrencies. In 2019, Cook said that the company does not plan to release its own cryptocurrency since this is the state’s prerogative. According to Cook, there are responsibilities that elected representatives, not private companies, should fulfill. That time Cook was convinced that currency should remain in the hands of the state.

We also want to note that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak called Bitcoin a mathematical miracle during the Talent Land Jalisco 2021 conference. Wozniak said that he does not personally invest in Bitcoin but believes in its future.

Earlier in 2019, Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey stated that the company is interested in the digital space. In her opinion, cryptocurrencies have long-term potential and excellent prospects for the future.

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