3 Crypto trends in 2021: cards, trading, investments

In 2021, the increased attention of states and investors will become significant for the crypto industry. The attempt to regulate cryptocurrency, on the one hand, and the introduction of the digital yuan at the national level, on the other one is something that everyone will be watching. We have collected three other trends that will be of interest to users and will allow them to make money.

1. Trading

Experts have dubbed the volatility of cryptocurrencies an opportunity for traders. More and more investors are investing during a downturn and selling during a rise in the rate. The volatility of crypto markets opens up many opportunities for quantum traders. The performance of crypto-quantum funds tends to be more related to market volatility than to its implementation.

Many trading platforms are blurring the boundaries for access to the world of cryptocurrency: they simplify tools and make access faster.

2. Cards that support cryptocurrency

In 2021, major payment systems will compete for the attention of crypto users. Among them are Mastercard, Visa, PayPal.

Mastercard announced support for some cryptocurrencies directly on its network. The user will be able to store and make transactions with digital assets. Cryptocurrency is becoming an increasingly important part of the payments world, according to the MasterCard team.

The company has a very interesting concept. They want to allow customers, merchants, and businesses to promote digital value — traditional or cryptocurrency — the way they want. This should be the choice of people because this is their money. MasterCard is also going to allow merchants to accept cryptocurrency directly. It will eliminate the ineffective pre-converting crypto method to fiat on third-party platforms before paying, which is currently in effect.

In January 2021, Visa announced plans to enable users to buy crypto assets, cash out and shop in fiat currency using their cryptocurrencies. CEO Alfred Kelly said, “As digital currency is becoming the accepted medium of exchange, there is no reason why we cannot add it to our network, which already supports over 160 currencies today.”

The PayPal team has said that in 2021, their US users will be able to buy, sell and store certain cryptocurrencies directly through PayPal. Users will be able to learn about cryptocurrency and track crypto prices without leaving the PayPal application. Digital assets will act as a “source of funding.” In this case, the tokens will be instantly converted to fiat. PayPal plans to enter the global market in the first half of the year.

3. Investments

Investing in cryptocurrency without buying it is a new variant of the buying strategy. According to Reuters experts, recently, companies that have invested in cryptocurrency have shown a significant income increase. Therefore, you should pay attention to the shares of those companies that buy digital assets. They attract new audiences and, at the same time, build up their net worth. For example, the profits of the software development company MicroStrategy, which bought 71 thousand BTC, grew by more than 200% in 2021.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin can be an inflation hedge, depending on when you buy and whether you hold or sell it. In any case, cryptocurrencies and blockchain have become part of the present. The noted trends are a confirmation of this. We will see how they show themselves in 2021.


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