Cardano (ADA) smashes Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in adjusted transaction volume

Cardano outpaced Bitcoin and Ethereum, ranking first in the category of most transaction activity in 24-hours, according to crypto data aggregator

According to the transaction behavior, it represents an adjusted transaction volume, beating out BTC and ETH at $17.15 billion – compared to $15.1 billion and $8.6 billion, respectively.

Adjusted transaction volume offers more information behind transaction volume, as it describes a way to fairly compare UTXO style transactions and account-based transactions, whereas transaction volume only speaks to the total value moved on a blockchain.

If we are comparing transaction volume, Bitcoin ranks first at $36.7 billion, while Cardano comes at less than half at $17.5 billion.

Cardano transaction fees have been extremely low in the last day, totaling $51,985 in fees. The last 24-hours have shown that there is due diligence being paid by Input Output Hong Kong.

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