Cardano (ADA) ecosystem growth shows no signs of slowing, marks biggest step yet in 2022

IOHK, the organization behind Cardano’s software development announced its latest plan to roll out a script that will see the network’s capacity enhanced in a bid to meet the demands of its fast-growing ecosystem.

“Today, we have proposed the next parameter update as we continue to increase Cardano network capacity in line with the plan,” read a Monday tweet. “The proposal will increase the block size by a further 8KB taking it from 72KB to 80KB.”

According to the announcement, the latest adjustment, which IOHK calls Pipelining or Cardano’s “plumbing” would mean an 11% increase in the current block size, enabling the network to carry out more transactions and level down on transactions threats that are associated with heavy traffic.

Further, IOHK stated that a proposal to increase Plutus script memory units per transaction on the network from 12.5M as it currently stands, to 14M had been triggered. Plutus is the smart contracts platform for Cardano which allows developers to write applications on the Cardano blockchain as well as forge new tokens in a lightweight environment.

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