Metaverse church is now how the faithful roll during a pandemic

Religious organizations in the United States have surrendered to the metaverse and virtual reality. This is so they can still carry out masses, services and even baptisms while their flock can’t leave home.

One of the biggest challenges for the faithful during the pandemic was attending churches and religious temples. The gatherings were a nightmare for Covid-19 officials, due to large numbers of people that attended in close proximity. But for those who had faith, they knew they would find a way to maintain their religious routine. That was the case with the ever-faithful Garret Bernal. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Bernal had doubts as he strapped on a VR headset and experienced worship in the metaverse. But, for Bernal, the experience was much better than if it were live and in color. Without leaving his home in Richmond, Virginia, Bernal felt like he was floating in 3D wonderland.

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