Retail giant Walmart is now into the Metaverse with its own cryptocurrency & NFTs

Walmart has now officially started making its move into the crypto space. The retail giant was in the middle of a widespread rumor late last year that said it had begun accepting crypto payments in Litecoin. However, Walmart had come forward to discount the rumor, clarifying that it was not accepting the cryptocurrency for payments.

This did not mean that the supermarket chain was completely opposed to the crypt space though. According to patent filings that were made public over the weekend, the retailer is moving to launch its own cryptocurrency and NFTs, solidifying its move into the metaverse and the crypto space at large.

Given how much the metaverse has grown in recent times, both individuals and companies have moved to have virtual versions of their businesses in the metaverse. This is basically what Walmart is doing. The retail chainĀ filed a number of patentsĀ (seven) that included one for an online retail store where the retailer would offer virtual merchandise. These would be virtual versions of merchandise already sold by the chain, including electronics, furniture, toys, household products, etc.

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