Polygon expands its footprint as evolving NFT & gaming ecosystems seek Ether alternatives

Built with an emphasis on simplicity and ease of use, Polygon (previously Matic) is designed to let organizations and businesses create and deploy their own decentralized applications (dApps). The platform serves as a layer-2 scaling solution that addresses the scalability and rising gas costs of Ethereum and other EMV-compatible networks. Additionally, it also works as a fully-functional chain on its own, thereby cementing itself as a preferred choice for a diverse range of blockchain-based projects.

The Polygon development team is also tapping into the NFT and blockchain gaming ecosystems to expand its offering footprint even further. As part of its efforts to bridge Web2 and Web3, Polygon recently launched Polygon Studios, a new initiative that will focus on NFT and blockchain gaming. As of date, Polygon has bloomed into a vibrant ecosystem with more than 100,000 active gamers on its network. More than 3,000 dApps are already harnessing the power of the Polygon network as the platform inches closer towards becoming the go-to layer-2 destination for blockchain gaming, DeFi, and NFTs atop Ethereum.

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