IOHK shares blueprint & how Cardano aims to provide over 1B people with digital identities

In the spirit of the season, IOHK, the team behind Cardano’s development, has shared the blueprint for users to handle conversations about the network. The primer covers the essence of the network, its native token, and wallets.

According to the blog post, IOHK wittingly advised users to keep away from cryptocurrency conversations but notes that it is almost inevitable for the topic not to make an appearance.

“Certainly, we’d advise putting the phone down and switching off from the crypto craziness that will still be waiting for you when you return,” they wrote. “But should you find yourself cornered at the hearth by some crypto-curious relatives who just need to know about ADA, and Cardano, and blockchain, and all that, well, this is how the tale goes.”

The post introduces Cardano as the digital ledger using ADA as a native currency that embodies the tenets of decentralization, unlike traditional banking institutions. They add that the network is taking giant steps toward being fully decentralized with all decisions being taken by the community members. To ensure trust in the system, Cardano uses the Ouroboros protocol which is named after the ancient symbol of eternity.

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