Dogecoin devs publish the coin’s first-ever roadmap, say utility is a way to adoption

The developers of meme crypto asset Dogecoin (DOGE) are publishing the coin’s first-ever roadmap eight years after its initial launch.

In an update posted on the Dogecoin Foundation website, DOGE developers say that utility is the key to the meme coin’s adoption, leading them to announce four new DOGE projects.

The first project involves the complete overhaul of the webpage, which would include Dogepedia, a compilation of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the meme coin.

The redesign would be followed by the construction of libdogecoin, a library that would allow anyone to create DOGE-compliant products without needing to know the deeper specifics of crypto functions.

The third project is the creation of the “Dogecoin Standard,” which would lower the difficulty barrier for potential developers in hopes of seeing a rise in the number of developers moving over to Dogecoin.

The fourth project is the launch of the GigaWallet project, which would allow developers to seamlessly integrate DOGE transactions into their platform the same way they would other distinguished payment providers.

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