Cross-chain collaterals for Cardano (ADA) are now possible after Ardana and Elrond partnership

The stablecoin hub on Cardano, Ardana, has secured a partnership with Elrond blockchain architecture. The native token of the Elrond blockchain will become one of the first cross-chain assets that will be used for collateralization on Ardana platform.

Ardana will be used to bridge Cardano and Elrond. By connecting the two ecosystems, integration with a project on two chains will become possible, including token transfer between Elrond mainnet and Cardano chains. Later on, it is planned to enable cross-chain smart contract functionality.

In the future, it will become possible to move assets from Cardano to Elrond by making them transferable with low fees. The native token, EGLD, will become available on Cardano and will be used as collateral on Ardana.

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