Tezos development hub in England, London launched by TriliTech

A new development, research and promotion center launches in London to facilitate the evolution of Tezos-based solutions.

According to the press release shared with U.Today, the TriliTech team announces the launch of a multi-purpose Tezos-centric development hub in London.

The TriliTech team includes recognized high-profile experts in decentralization, gaming, fintech and backend development.

Robin Maxe, chief operating officer of TriliTech, stresses the importance of this launch for the entire Tezos ecosystem and its enthusiasts across the globe:

World class adoption and development teams are fundamental to world-changing software networks. TriliTech aims to be a centre of excellence in the Tezos ecosystem focusing on exciting and unique research and development at the protocol level and global adoption for the Tezos network, pushing the boundaries of blockchain use-cases.

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