Polygon to outstrip Ethereum with A 300% upsurge in daily active addresses

On Tuesday, Polygon reported that its native coin MATIC had surpassed Ethereum in daily active users (DAU) for the first time. According to on-chain stats, the number of active addresses interacting with the polygon Network on Monday reached 351,000 beating that of Ethereum which at the time was 326,000.

This is a new milestone considering that MATIC, the native token for Polygon has a market valuation of $7.5 billion compared to Ethereum which currently stands at $355 billion.

Polygon’s appeal to users and other networks globally has been on a parabolic rise with devs dropping a hot list of partnerships and products on the network. The network which is built on the Ethereum Layer 1 network aims at transforming Ethereum into a multi-chain ecosystem with secured Layer 2 chains & standalone chains.

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