Can COTI be in the same league as Cardano (ADA) or XRP? Find out now!

During every bullish/bearish phase, at least a handful of cryptos manage to defy the broader market trend. Something similar has been seen of late too. Despite the humdrum state of the market, a few not-so-prominent altcoins have been carrying on with their respective rallies.

COTI has been one such alt, with its price rallying massively over the last 7 days. In fact, on the back of a 100% hike this week, the crypto’s valuation rose from $0.34 to over $0.67.

COTI is a fin-tech platform that allows users to build their own payment solutions. It has its foot immersed in almost all fin-tech avenues – Right from financing and payment processing to white label payment systems and cross-border remittance technologies. In effect, it is on the same playing field as Ripple and XRP.

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