LATOKEN collaboration with Ex-CFO of JP Morgan Brent Beeman

In the new LATOKEN review, LATOKEN crypto exchange and platform for asset tokenization and trading that focuses on liquidity for new tokens is honored to announce its collaboration with Chief Operating Officer, Director, JP Morgan CFO with 25 years experience.

Ex-CFO of JP Morgan SMMC will join LATOKEN on the way to IPO as a top DeFi bet. As a senior finance and Operations Leader, Brent has a proven track record of transforming loss-making businesses, raising capital, starting new businesses, building scalable infrastructures, driving profitability and transformation initiatives, improving cash flow, strengthening systems, processes, and controls. This cooperation promises to be successful and effective.

Now we can say that the reputation of digital currencies is reaching new heights, and the confidence of users and the world’s largest financial institutions, such as JP Morgan. By the way, JPMorgan Chase launched a passively managed in-house bitcoin fund on Wednesday, CoinDesk reported.

Increased interest in cryptocurrencies contributes to:

  • Expanding the scale of the use of cryptos, including at the state level.
  • The investment market is being enriched by new players.
  • The availability of digital currency is increasing. The development of cryptocurrencies is also associated with the use of new tools for storing digital assets, money and mining development.


  • LATOKEN is a cutting-edge exchange that makes investing and payments easy and safe worldwide. LATOKEN has 2 million accounts, including 1+ million mobile app installs with 4.5 reviews scored by 25+k users.
  • LATOKEN IEO platform is known widely as a rocket booster for many promising crypto projects (e.g., Smart Trade Coin).
  • LATOKEN is building a team to enter the US market, upgrade to institutional-grade exchange, launch DeFi products on LACHAIN, and bring commerce and banking to blockchain technology to automate transaction processing and save many business hours per year.
  • The platform offers 300+ digital assets available for traders with the option to connect using RESTful or WebSocket APIs on the LATOKEN platform.
  • What is more, LATOKEN Listings work for both old tokens and tokens straight out of the development oven. We wish you safe trading!