Solana (SOL) rallies following 18-hour outage

The Solana Foundation reported a denial of service attack that took the blockchain down for 18 hours yesterday. Now that the network is back up, SOL appears to be making a recovery. 

The Solana network went offline for roughly 18 hours after experiencing “intermittent instability” Tuesday. The team behind the high-throughput blockchain reported that resource exhaustion had caused a denial of service. 

It’s thought that the root cause of the issue was an IDO on the decentralized exchange Raydium. Bots tried to buy up tokens in the sale, flooding the network with 400,000 transactions per second. 

Several queues in the validator code grew unbounded, and the lack of prioritization of network-critical messaging caused a chain split. The fork led to excessive memory consumption, leading validators to run out of memory and crash. 

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