Reserve Bank of Australia posts CBDC job position

Amid the country’s ongoing Senate inquiry into crypto regulation, the Reserve Bank of Australia has posted a job advertisement for a position within its Central Bank Digital Currency research team.

  • A successful applicant would join a new cross-disciplinary team to research “whether there is a case for a CBDC in Australia, and if so, how it might be designed and what benefits and other implications it would have.”
  • The move is another sign the RBA appears to be warming to the idea of establishing a CBDC; in its recent submission to the Senate Select Committee on Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre, the bank admitted it had been conducting research into CBDCs, but did not yet believe the case for issuing one had emerged. As part of the same submission, the bank said that while an Australian-backed stablecoin has not yet been issued, it is already researching the best regulatory approach to take should one ever be issued.

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