Survey: One in ten people in the U.S. are investing in cryptoassets

According to a report by CNBC published on August 24, the results from a poll conducted by CNBC and the American chemical company Momentive suggest that 11% of adults in United States are investing in cryptoassets.

The report said that the CNBC/Momentive survey had 5,523 respondents, who were U.S. resident adults and it was conducted between August 4 and August 9. 11% of these people said that they were crypto investors. Apparently, around 65% of the people holding crypto only got started investing in the past year.

Here are are a few highlights from the results of the survey:

  • Those who invest in cryptocurrency say they do so because of the potential for long term growth (60%), the potential for high growth in a short period (44%), the ease of making their own trades (33%), and the excitement of investing (26%).

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