It’s not just MicroStrategy. Top 10 stocks with exposure to Bitcoin (BTC)

Microstrategy just bagged $177M more BTC between July 1st and August 23rd. That brings Michael Saylor’s company’s total hodlings to $5.3 billion USD worth of bitcoin. Other big corporate buyers include Tesla, Square, and Galaxy Digital Holdings.

The business intelligence company can’t get enough bitcoin. And it’s not the only extremely relevant and proactive company in the high tech or investing sector to be this incredibly bullish Bitcoin. In fact, Michael Saylor says he was one of the influences on Elon Musk that led to Tesla piling bitcoin into its balance sheet.

Here are 10 more publicly traded companies that give any investor’s stock portfolio equity exposure to bitcoin’s price growth as well as corporate innovation and enterprise in one instrument:

1. Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA)

Tesla packed in the bitcoin heavy with a monster purchase earlier this year, putting its current holdings at some 42,902 BTC worth a whopping $2 billion in USD today. Despite some controversy along the way, the most recent filings revealed that Elon Musk’s EV giant has not sold even half of its position.

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