UK billionaire Simon Nixon’s family office to enter the cryptocurrency space

Digital assets continue to grow and take substantial portions of the financial markets, said Seek Capital’s managing director – Adam Proctor. As such, the family office will increase its allocation to it and hire a designated cryptocurrency analyst.

  • By definition, a family office is a privately held company handling investment and wealth management for high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals.
  • Similar to other institutions, their appetite for the cryptocurrency industry has only grown in the past year. This received further confirmation earlier from Seek Capital.
  • As reported by Bloomberg, the family office operated by the UK billionaire Simon Nixon wants to dip its toes in the digital asset space.
  • Adam Proctor, a managing director for the organization, said that they are trying to enhance the “allocation to crypto as we feel it is an important area for the future.”
  • Although failing to describe the precise meaning of increasing the exposure to digital assets, Proctor said the firm looks to appoint a dedicated analyst.

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