How VeChain Powered E-HCert App Will Help Reduce Covid-19 Risk in Cyprus

A solution based on VeChain will help people in Cyprus to combat Covid-19. The Digital Transformation Consultant at Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, Chris Pana, announced the launch of the new E-HCert App.

Built as part of a partnership with i-Dante, a company specialized in pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions, the app will operate as an “electronic test” enabling a user to validate lab results that corroborate that he is Covid-19 free.

The information collected by the app will be guaranteed by blockchain VeChainThor and be transmitted from and to the Mediterranean Hospital in Cyprus. Therefore, the E-HCert App has been implemented as digital proof. Pana said:

I am proud to announce that the new E-HCert App is live in the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus. During the last two weeks, more than 500 people have received their lab tests and Covid-19 results on their App!

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