Analysis To Reveal Why This Year’s Altcoin Season Will Be “Wilder” Than 2017’s

As Bitcoin stagnates, altcoins make their way into their traditional bullish cycle, making them one of the most promising assets in the market at this time. The bullish takes from analysts have outweighed the bearish ones by a large margin, and if the market continues to imitate historical patterns, then we might witness one of the biggest altcoin bull runs this year. Weiss Crypto Ratings, a leading cryptocurrency, and stocks rating platform has supported the bullish claims in a new reveal.

As shared in a Twitter post, Weiss is of the opinion that Ethereum (ETH) is ushering the market into the bullish uptrend. For context, the altcoin season is one of the highly anticipated cycles for the altcoin market. The altcoin season usually precedes an exponential movement in the market’s demand.

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