Chainlink (LINK) Network Effect on the Horizon as Integrations Increase

Chainlink has attained 500 integrations, 500,000 non-zero balance wallets, and a new white paper. As a result, if the project development continues this rapidly, it achieves a network effect. Moreover, this could lead to an exponential increase in its utility.

With the addition of decentralized finance monetary system Gaugecash, Chainlink has surpassed 500 integrations. This is according to Chainlink development community, The LinkMarine 2.0. Investors and participants of the Chainlink ecosystem are affectionately known as Link Marines.

Companies that have integrated with this blockchain project belong to a variety of industries. According to the community these include, “84 blockchains, 213 DeFi projects, 64 node operators, 43 data providers, 33 infrastructure [providers], 24 gaming projects, 22 NFT projects.”

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