Fake Trezor iPhone App Deceived User for $ 600,000 in Bitcoin

A malicious smartphone app on Apple’s App Store, mimicking the name and visual style of Trezor hardware wallets, was used to steal 17.1 Bitcoin (BTC) from an unsuspecting user—worth $600,000 at the time, and over a million dollars today.

Per a report in The Washington Post, Trezor user Phillipe Christodoulou had stored his Bitcoin on a Trezor hardware wallet, and—wanting to check his balance—downloaded an app purporting to be from Trezor on the iOS App Store.

Although Trezor does not currently support Apple’s iOS mobile operating system and does not have a mobile app, the app used the company’s name and branding and had a user rating of nearly five stars—making it appear trustworthy.

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