NFT searches at ICO-mania levels, a robot and Snoop Dog drop NFTs, and more

Interest in non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, has surged to almost the level of searches for the term ‘ICO’ during the 2017 bull market mania, according to data from Google Trends. With eight days left in March, the current spike in interest could even surpass interest in ICOs back then, which would be an impressive feat indeed.

The Initial Coin Offering mania in 2017 was partly the cause, and partly the result, of the 2017 bull run that culminated in Bitcoin peaking just shy of $20,000.

Given NFTs span gaming, music, art, virtual land — and can even represent real-world objects like houses — they potentially have a much larger audience than the predominate finance and tech people who were drawn to ICOs.

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