Charles Hoskinson Debunks “Ghost Chain” FUD with Cardano (ADA) Ecosystem Map

In an attempt to shut down his critics, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson published the map of the Cardano ecosystem.

It includes all enterprise and businesses, developer tools, wallets, infrastructure providers, exchange as well as research centers.

The most notable application powered by Cardano is e-commerce platform Bondly. Other DeFi names associated with Cardano are Zurich-based GenTwo AG and cryptocurrency liquidity provider Algoz.

In spite of its massive market capitalization, Cardano often attracts criticism for essentially being a ghost chain due to a lack of any notable applications running on top of it.

Yet, Hoskinon’s map shows that Cardano has already partnered with countries such as Georgia, Mongolia, and Ethiopia. As reported by U.Today, Hoskinson recently mentioned that new deals in Africa could bring millions of users to the Cardano ecosystem.

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