74% of US-Accredited Investors’ Likely to Invest’ in Bitcoin in 2021

A recent survey shows that the vast majority of accredited investors in the U.S. intend to buy Bitcoin during 2021.

On January 18, Singapore-based firm CrossAngle surveyed 379 U.S. accredited investors “to better understand their outlook on crypto investing.”

According to the firm’s “Crypto Investing in 2021” report, these were some of their findings:

  • 87% “have heard about Bitcoin.”
  • 70% “have invested in Bitcoin before.”
  • “Only 27.2% of those who had not invested in Bitcoin would consider it.”
  • 67% have invested in altcoins.
  • 74% are “likely to invest in Bitcoin in the next year.”
  • 67% “know about DeFi.”
  • 90% are “likely to invest in DeFi.”

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