Cardano (ADA) Can Help Millions of Africans Have Digital Identities

Cardano is working on new deals that will bring millions of users into its ecosystem, said the project’s founder Charles Hoskinson. He added that his team is negotiating contracts with several African nations to enable citizens to have digital identities linked to wallets and payment systems.

While speaking during the annual Blockchain Africa Conference, Cardano’s founder touched upon the continent’s need for revolutionary technology that could enhance its developments, especially for certain nations.

He noted that Cardano could provide a solution and his team is in talks with several African nations to integrate the Cardano-based digital identity management solution, Atala PRISM, into their daily operations.

“For a large group of people, for the first time in their lives, they will have a digital identity that also can be linked to wallets, that also can be linked to payment systems, that also can be linked to property, that can enjoy rich metadata and other such things.”

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