Ethereum (ETH) Rollups Will Speed up the Network

In an interview on The Tim Ferriss Show podcast, Vitalik Buterin described an L2 solution that could increase Ethereum’s processing capacity 100x. Called rollups, the solution creates sidechains for processing and storage, then batches the results back onto the Ethereum mainnet. Developed by a company called Optimism, the solution should leave beta testing in a month, Vitalik stated.

Vitalik also claimed that by the time the network needs more capacity than the rollup solution can provide, Ethereum 2’s sharding mechanism will be in place.

Ethereum has an upgrade, called Berlin, scheduled for Apr. 14, at block 12244000, and rollups will not be included there. The London upgrade follows in summer 2021, but Vitalik did not state whether the solution would make it in at that time.

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