SEC To Request Personal Financial Information on Ripple Executives

More developments on the Ripple vs. the SEC legal front as the Commission has requested personal financial information of the company’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, and co-founder Christian Larsen.

Simultaneously, the Japanese financial giant SBI Group has doubled-down on its support for Ripple by offering to pay its shareholders dividends in XRP.

The impending case between the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the blockchain payment processor Ripple has become more personal for two of the executives representing the company.

Bloomberg reported earlier that the Commission had sent subpoenas to at least six banks requesting personal financial information for Garlinghouse and Larsen dating eight years back.

However, Ripple’s executives have fought against the SEC’s attempt by filing a motion with a federal judge. Garlinghouse and Larsen have doubled-down on a previous assertion, saying that this request from the Commission is a “wholly inappropriate approach.”

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