NFL Superstar Sells 300 Of His Best Super Bowl Moments As NFT

Rob Gronkowski of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is selling over 300 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of his best NFL Super Bowl moments, a CNBC report on Mar 9 reveals.

This follows the National Football League’s partnership with OpenSea. They will release five digital trading cards featuring Super Bowl moments.

Gronkowski said he heard about NFTs during the 2020 NFL season but had more conviction after Mark Cuban comments. He’s now offering his Super Bowl moments up for auction for his digital fans to “get a piece of this action.”

Rob is following Jack Dorsey’s path, selling some of his memorable moments.

The founder of Twitter converted his first tweet to an NFT and offered it for sale via Valuables—an NFT auctioning platform.

His token received up-to $2.5 million from bidders.

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