Elon Musk To Shill Dogecoin (DOGE) Again

Elon Musk is well-known to the world as a PayPal co-founder, as well as Tesla and SpaceX CEO. Also, he is the man who came up with the idea to produce flamethrowers in case there’s a zombie apocalypse (from his Boring Company) and the cybertruck, and lover of Dogecoin.

He has taken to Twitter to mention DOGE again and it seems that he’s just having fun.

Musk seems to have fun, reminding the crypto community of his favorite cryptocurrency DOGE which was invented as a joke originally and now has become Musk’s favorite coin, “the people’s cryptocurrency” as he has referred to it earlier this year.

He has also tweeted that Dogecoin could the “future currency of Earth”. What his two-hour old tweets says is that “DOGE spelled backwards is Egod”.

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