Bundler and DEX Furucombo suffers $15 million exploit

The Furucombo Twitter team announced the hack on Feb. 27. In the announcement, the team specified that the Furucombo proxy was attacked and compromised around 5pm UTC.  The company confirmed that the vulnerability has been patched and that the components have been deauthorized.

Furucombo also advised users of the exchange to remove their token approvals on the site as a cautionary measure.

On Feb. 28, the team confirmed that the hack totaled $15 million in stolen funds. However, Furucombo also confirmed that user funds are now safe. The company is working on a mitigation plan that it will share in the future. No timeline was specified.

One unlucky user of Furucombo commented on the update by the exchange stating that they had lost $197,000 in USDT from the hack. He queried how the company expects to compensate him. In reply, a member of the Furucombo marketing team commented with the mitigation plan that will be shared with the community in due time.

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