Youtube Star Sells $3,500,000 in Crypto Art in Just 24 Hours with a Polkadot-Based Project

YouTube star Logan Paul just sold $3.5 million worth of crypto-backed digital art in less than 24 hours.

Paul is collaborating with Bondly, a decentralized product in the Polkadot ecosystem, to create his own line of Pokemon-inspired non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

NFTs feature identifying data in their smart contracts that make each one unique, which means that one NFT cannot be directly replaced by another and no two are alike.

On the first day of sales, Paul sold 1,772 of his NFTs priced at 1 ETH each, totaling $3,540,456 in revenue.

Paul’s NFT art was sold through the BONDSwap (BSWAP) market, a trading portal that can perform over-the-counter (OTC) transactions on chat apps or social media platforms, and between any blockchains.

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