More investors might choose Ethereum (ETH) staking over trading

Ethereum staking yields are expected to face a gradual increase following the merger between Ethereum mainnet and Beacon Chain, according to Coinbase’s message. Around June of this year, staking yields might rise from 4.3-5.4% APR to 9-12% APR.

With the complete merger of the two chains, Coinbase expects an increase in staking yields as rewards will now include fees that are currently being paid to miners. With more rewards being distributed to validators, the profitability of staking contracts should, in fact, increase gradually.

Almost a two-fold increase will most likely attract more investors to the Ethereum staking contract that already holds 1.92 million ETH. Some investors have already decided to join the Ether staking contract by moving 28,000 ETH in only one transaction to the contract.

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