Polygon (MATIC) is bullish on the future of ZK as its PoE protocol seems to be a game-changer

The team behind the Polygon blockchain has game-changing plans around scalability. One of these is centered around Zero-Knowledge rollups (zkRollups). The Ethereum sidechain has announced the development of a new consensus mechanism that will be the cutting edge of zero-knowledge proof implementation.

In a recent blogpost, the Polygon team has revealed that its new consensus mechanism is the Proof-of-Efficiency (PoE) Protocol. The consensus mechanism has become necessary to meet the need for a way for blockchains to agree without sacrificing performance and security.

To achieve this, the protocol essentially splits activities between two permissionless roles: Sequencers and Aggregators. Sequencers collect transactions for rollup. The collected transactions are selected and preprocessed in layer 2, before being sent to layer 1 to be recorded.

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