Ethereum (ETH) seems to beat out Walmart; Mastercard to be the 25th largest asset in the world

Ethereum has been up with the recovery in the market, growing as fast as bitcoin in the space. This has seen the market cap of the cryptocurrency rise rapidly. While it had lost its footing in the list of top assets by market cap in the world following the price crash, it has since gained back enough of its previous value to put the digital asset above some of the largest companies on the list.

With a recovery above $3,200, Ethereum has once again solidified its place as one of the most valuable assets in the financial sector. Although it is only half a decade old, it continues to compete with companies that have been in operation for decades, boasting a higher market cap than others despite their widespread use around the world.

After losing about $100 billion of its market cap following the crash that saw its fallen crumble from above $4,000 to below $3,000, it has begun to claw its way back up. At its current price, atheneum’s market cap is back up at $382.34 billion. It’s a long way from its all-time high but a significant value nonetheless, one that puts it ahead of giants like Walmart and Mastercard.

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