Dogecoin (DOGE) creators ask the community to not devalue the brand with toxic behavior

The growth of Dogecoin can no doubt be attributed to the strong community that has formed behind the meme coin. Going off the hype created by its supporters alone, the cryptocurrency had been able to rally to new highs. However, a community that is capable of commendable things can also just as easily destroy a brand if it begins to get toxic. This is why Dogecoin founder Billy Markus has taken it upon himself to warn of the impacts of bad behavior in the community on the Dogecoin brand.

At a time when the market is in a consistent downtrend, it becomes more important than ever to have a project that sticks to its brand. For Dogecoin and its community, that has been the memes, the fun, and the sense of community holders feel. But as with any growing community, there can be seeds of discord that begin to sprout, turning a once welcoming community into a toxic one.

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