ADA news: Angry Charles Hoskinson tells SundaeSwap & CardStarter teams to cool it

Cardano ($ADA) creator Charles Hoskinson has weighed in on a botched partnership between two prominent projects on the cryptocurrency network, SundaeSwap and CardStarter, and essentially told them to cool their attitudes toward each other.

The issues between both platforms started after they agreed to a deal that was marketed as a “merger” last June. CardStarter was set to launch its own decentralized exchange before the deal, but dropped those plans, choosing to instead merge with SundaeSwap.

The project’s founders, however, incentivized investors to provide liquidity for the project on Uniswap in exchange for its native CSWAP tokens. After the deal was made with SundaeSwap, CardStarter dropped its DEX plans and instead moved to provide liquidity to SundaeSwap.

Investors were, during a YouTube Ask Me Anything session for CSWAP holders, promised “great benefits.” These benefits were, last week, revealed to be a conversion of CSWAP to CardStarter’s native CARDS tokens at a rate of 400:1. The token’s holders seemingly did not approve of these benefits, and quickly criticized both projects, with some bringing in Hoskinson and his firm Input Output into it.

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