Cardano (ADA) average blockchain load hits an all-time high of 94%

A number of significant developments have taken place on the Cardano blockchain in the last few months, including the addition of smart contract capability, which has, in turn, increased activity on the network, as seen by an increase in a variety of indicators.

As a byproduct of the recent growth, the average blockchain load on the Cardano network reached 94.49% on January 22, 2022; the highest figure recorded on the network since January 16, when the indicator spiked to reach 91.79% from January 14, which stood at 55.23%.

The term “blockchain load” refers to the use of Cardano blocks that are being used. Presently, the size of a full Cardano block is fixed at 73kb, with a score of 100% indicating that the blocks are filled and 0% showing that the blocks are empty.

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