Cardano (ADA) or Bitcoin (BTC)? Vitalik Buterin asked the Ethereum community to pick one

Russian-Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin has taken to Twitter to determine which cryptocurrency the Ethereum community sees as the most viable alternative.

He asked his 3.1 million followers about what currency—other than ETH—would most likely become the leading means of payment and store of value 13 years from now.

With over 401,000 votes, Bitcoin has a commanding lead in Buterin’s first poll. After briefly appearing at the top, Cardano came in second place with a 29.4% share of the vote. Solana, which recently emerged as the top “Ethereum killer,” is in third place (14%). Only 7% of the respondents were reasonable enough to predict that the U.S. dollar would remain the world’s leading currency in 2035.

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