Cardano records rise in Github commits as network promises updates in early 2022

According to IntotheBlock analytics, Cardano has seen a rise in Github commits since the start of 2022. IOHK, Cardano’s parent company, vows regular updates amid anticipation of the launch of new dApps in early 2022.

Most crypto-assets’ codes are publicly available on Github, thanks to crypto’s open-source, permissionless nature. A Github commit is a set of modifications made by one or more developers to the source code of a crypto-asset. Commits are an indicator of the activity, evolution and upkeep of the software that surrounds a crypto-asset.

While development activity has little to no impact on short-term market trends, it is an underrated indicator of project success because it reflects the team’s month-to-month dedication to building a working product, improving and upgrading its features, and sticking to its long-term roadmap.

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